Climate Groups & Initiatives

Friends of Muskoka

Friends of Muskoka Watershed Council

MuskokaAsh Project —
An initiative to use wood ash to restore the well-documented damage to forests and lakes caused by widespread calcium (Ca) decline in Muskoka.

Muskoka Conservancy

Muskoka Watershed Council

Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation

Muskoka Lakes Association

Georgian Bay Association

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations

Muskoka Water Web |

Bella Rebecca Community Association

Brandy Lake Association

Fairy Lake Association

Georgian Bay Association

Gloucester Pool Cottagers Association

Kahshe Lake Ratepayers Association

Lake of Bays Association

Mary Lake Association

Moon River Property Owners’ Association

Muldrew Lake Association

Muskoka Lakes Association

Muskoka Ratepayers’ Association

Peninsula Lake Association

Ril Lake Association

Six Mile Lake Cottagers’ Association

Skeleton Lake Cottagers’ Organization

Three Mile Lake Association 

Lake Vernon Association