Municipalities Taking Action

Municipalities across Canada are taking the initiative on climate action. Over the next few months we’ll bring you some inspiring stories from these communities.  Find them in our Weekly Newsletter first.

Hamilton Votes to Stop Sprawl 

Hamilton Skyline. Photo by Nadine Shaabana via Unsplash.

This is an incredible victory for the thousands of Hamiltonians, led by local activists who worked tirelessly to take their city’s future back from the hands of sprawl developers and rich landowners.

After hundreds and hundreds of letters to council, delegations, lawn signs and flyers, the community showed Hamilton city councillors that it is people, not landowners, whose voices need to be heard. There is definitely a lesson here for our Muskoka municipal councillors to take to heart — before our forests and wetlands are covered with subdivision sprawl.

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Guelph’s Climate Action Plan

Guelph powerlines

Kudos to Guelph city council! In a nearly unanimous vote, Guelph city council recently reaffirmed its commitment to fighting climate change while stepping up its plan, including:

  • Putting climate at the centre of all decisions
  • Moving up the city’s net-zero timeline
  • Introducing interim targets
  • Joining the UN’s Cities Race to Zero campaign 
  • Moving up the timeline for switching the city’s municipal facilities and vehicles to 100% renewable energy 

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