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Banking on Climate Change 2020: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card


Financial companies are increasingly being recognized — by their clients, shareholders, regulators, and the general public — as climate actors, with a responsibility to mitigate their climate impact. For the banks highlighted in this report, the last year has brought a groundswell of activism demanding banks cut their fossil fuel financing

Blue Communities –

The Blue Communities Project encourages municipalities and Indigenous communities to support the idea of a water commons framework, recognizing that water is a shared resource for all.

Initiatives in the US

Drawdown Georgia is the first state-centered effort to crowdsolve for climate change, with 20 high impact solutions that are tailored to Georgia’s unique natural, economic and social resources.
Project Drawdown’s theory of change is based on scaling the best solutions we have today. Each Drawdown Georgia solution has a strong track record and is market ready. Scaling the solution to the level we need to reach by 2030 is both achievable and cost competitive.

Office of SustainabilitThe City of Oberlin, Ohio is committed to reducing community wide greenhouse gas emissions below zero, while striving to balance the environmental social and economic interests of the Oberlin community. The City developed and adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2011. The 2011 plan set systematic goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in 2015, 75% by 2030 and below 100% by 2050.