What is Climate Action Muskoka?

We are individuals and groups concerned about climate change here in Muskoka. We agree that climate change is the issue of our time, that we can and must take definitive action to face it, and that we are stronger if we work together. This is an inclusive, non-partisan group that’s all about positive change. We invite everyone in Muskoka concerned about climate change to get involved.

Declaration of Climate Emergency Resolution

Seeking Endorsements

Climate Action Muskoka has developed a resolution to declare a climate emergency, to be presented to councils throughout our region.

This resolution is based on similar resolutions in other Canadian communities and was developed in consultation with local politicians and environmental advocates.

We are appealing to everyone in Muskoka — individuals (including seasonal residents and cottagers), groups and businesses to support this resolution by signing your endorsement.

Read the Resolution and learn how you can endorse it


Endorsement List

How To Get Involved

Our broad mandate is to provide community support and work with municipalities to build a more resilient community as Muskoka transitions to a post-carbon future.

In early January 2020 an informal steering committee of about 24 CAM participants held its second meeting to get more specific about what urgent climate action in Muskoka might look like.

We plan to approach the District of Muskoka and its six Towns and Townships to support the push for a Climate Emergency declaration. We will also be forming sub-committees to set additional goals and plan actions in the following areas:

  • Waste
  • Transportation
  • Food Security
  • Building
  • Water
  • Communications
  • Developing presentations to area councils
  • Gathering community endorsements for the Climate Emergency declaration

If you are interested in working with the group in one or more of these areas or just want further information, please email us at: climateactionmuskoka@gmail.com. State in the subject line which committee you are interested in.

Climate Strike Fridays

Coronavirus Update: We participate in digital climate strikes — from our homes or observing social distance guidelines outside —every Friday from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Post a picture of yourself with your sign on social media using the hashtags #digitalclimatstrike #climateactionmuskoka #climatestrike #fridaysfor future. We hope you can join us!

This Site’s Purpose

We plan to make this a comprehensive resource to get you up to speed quickly on what’s happening around climate change in Muskoka; with government, businesses, NGOs and individuals. To continue to build the climate change community and make it easier to jump in and take action. More to come.

Find us

Climate Action Muskoka is on Facebook and Instagram @climateactionmuskoka.

If you are working on the climate change portfolio in your work or as a volunteer in Muskoka, please send us an email at climateactionmuskoka@gmail.com to link your information and resources to this site.