Our Readers Write

Tuesday July 11, 2023
(re June 28 National Day Of Action)  

Dear Muskoka climate advocates,

Thank you! For not giving up for in the face of such dishonest opposition. Your detailed press release was important to get out there. I am inspired by your work. Your dedication. To that grandfather who got emotional. Thank goodness your newborn grandchildren have you in their corner. I don’t know why the entire country isn’t getting emotional. 

With love and gratitude,
(Elgin County, Ontario) 

Tue, Jun 6, 2023 
Muskoka EV Show

I thought the show was excellent and gave the community a chance to talk with EV owners to get a feel for the plus and minuses about switching to an EV . It was an opportunity to ask questions that are on everyone’s mind now. I think the organizers did a super job of setting it up , having good  displays & talks and advertising the show.  I would definitely like to see it happen again next year as changes and updates are occurring all the time!

Thank you for joining with the Conservancy to make this happen!  And thanks for your ongoing activism on Climate Change!

Judy Simmonds 

Fri, Dec 16, 2022
Solidarity from the GTA


I just read the newsletter for this week and learned about a group from Climate Action Muskoka being barred from MPP Graydon Smith’s office — paid for by taxpayers, no less. It’s disgusting, it’s depressing, it’s undemocratic — unfortunately I’m not at all surprised. Across Canada and so many other countries (the UK and Australia, too) climate activists are being detained under draconian measures. I’m one of many working to repeal Bill 23 further south but wanted to write and say you have our support and solidarity.

Take care and press on!