Artists for Real Climate Action

Artists For Real Climate Action, ARCA Productions, has just launched a series of short satire videos introducing us to the Big Oil Alliance (BOA). We will be introducing you to this clever work from the arts community each week with one of ARCA’s check-ins with the BOA members as they plan, plot, and connive …

You can binge watch the entire series here or view one by one in our Eblasts.

Meet The Big Oil Alliance: Four Oil Execs and a Vampire Walk Into a Boardroom – 2m:45s

Meet Tank Hightower: CEO of Canadian Oil Company Imperious Oil | The Big Oil Alliance is a 12-part fever dream that examines how screwed we are.
A comedy! 2m:38s. 

ARCA Productions presents: Meet the Big Oil Alliance: Tank Hightower.

“Natural” gas or methane: which would you choose?

Actor Rick Roberts of Artists for Real Climate Action asked some passers by what type of stove they prefer to cook with: natural gas or methane? It’s a trick question– but the reason why may surprise you.

Hiding the emissions from indoor methane behind the term “natural” gas is another way that fossil fuel ads make us sick. Stand with over half a million Canadian health professionals to stop fossil fuel advertising. Take action:…