The Northeastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN) A timely transfer of Ontario Northland will be step one for Doug Ford, but he’s still short of fulfilling his campaign promise to Northerners. The Premier ran on a pledge to bring back the Northlander train and increase service, and we’re still waiting to see it coming down the tracks”.

District’s Community Transportation Plan -The goal of the CTP is to develop accessible, affordable, sustainable transportation solutions for both urban and rural residents.
October 30, 2020 update: New Bus, New Look, New Schedule for Corridor 11 Service. More information at

A new era in maritime travel: Electric boats – Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls has launched North America’s first all-electric, zero-emissions tour boats. Earlier this month, the Maid of the Mist launched two electric catamarans into the gorge, the first of their kind in North America. The hulking double-deckers run on dual banks of lithium-ion batteries. – The Washington Post – OCTOBER 29, 2020

What Is the Carbon Footprint of Transportation? – The statistician and engineer W. Edwards Deming once said “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” Some of the best data come from the Our World in Data team at Oxford University. Their latest looks at what form of transport has the smallest carbon footprint. Driving big cars and flying short distances are the worst. – By Lloyd Alter Published October 13, 2020 

Plug ‘N Drive Discovery Centre (EVs) – Discover Electric Cars and take test drives in a sales-free, no-pressure environment.! Electric cars are cheaper to operate and maintain, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deliver better performance.
Book an appointment to visit the EV Discovery Centre in Toronto or the Mobile EV Education Trailer in Ottawa.

KIA Green Vehicles When it comes to maintenance, electric vehicles require much less than a traditional gasoline-fueled vehicle. The difference comes down to moving parts; a traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) can have over 20,000 moving parts, while a fully electric vehicle may have as few as 20.