Muskoka Electrification Group

Invitation: Join CAM’s New Muskoka Electrification Group

Illustration of house and yard using green energy

Are you in the process of electrifying your home and yard? Would you like to share info with others doing the same thing? CAM is setting up a citizen leadership group for the Muskoka area to share knowledge, research, resources, frustrations — and solutions!

We envision this as a group of up to 10 people in the process of electrifying our homes and yards.

  • Meet at each-others’ homes for a few hours once a month to share best practices and resources such as who to talk with, where to source specialized technology and contractors, grants and loans and how to navigate the application process.
  • Capture this information and our stories of the changes in written and/or video form for sharing.
  • Put up lawn signs to tell our neighbours we are electrifying and give a QR code to link to for more information.  
  • Organize a fall house tour so people can come and see the projects being done. Like a garden tour.  
  • Spread the word, so that others are inspired to do the same, and to make the process easier over time.     

If you are on the electrification journey, whether it be just starting out, electrifying your tools, installing a heat pump, or in the process of installing solar, you belong in this group! Interested? Contact us at Our first meeting is May 4.

The first meeting of the Electrify your House Neighbour Group was held last Wednesday (May 4)

Our direction

It is complicated and confusing figuring out how to electrify because the industry is undeveloped in Ontario and service providers are not experienced with the new technology, so the lesson is to “copy what other people are doing that works”.  And that is what this Neighbours group will be supporting – “Copy what Works”

We will continue with monthly meetings of neighbours, sharing our stories, sharing resources and encouraging each other to electrify our homes and yards.

Copy what Works Resources       – for solar panels.    – for heat pumps.       Check out this GREAT site from the Harbord Village Residents Association (in Toronto) for discounts on induction stoves and hybrid heat pump electric water heaters.   group based in Ottawa wanting to electrify 100 homes with great information on their Slack channel.  See the attached picture of their lawn signs.

Our next meeting is Wednesday June 7th. Interested? Contact us at

Here’s a podcast from Australia about electrifying your home.

Some information is Australia specific but most can be adapted to our Ontario experience. Worth a listen!

Monday July 17, 2023More from Australia

RenewEconomy launches SwitchedOn.A special series about electrification.

The world is transitioning to an all-electric future, and over the next twenty years we will all be on a journey to electrify everything – our homes, our cars, and our businesses.

Electrification is now acknowledged as being essential for the world to get to zero emissions in the fastest possible time.

And that’s because electrification is now the cheapest way to run our homes and businesses, and how we can have the biggest and fastest impact on climate this decade.

Electrifying everything means ditching gas stoves, water heaters and space heaters, petrol cars, diesel trucks, and coal fired power stations, etc, and replacing them with induction stoves, electric cars, trucks and buses, heat pumps, solar panels, wind turbines, and storage. 

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