Quick N Delish

Quick N Delish is a series of convenient, healthy, affordable, environmental and—most importantly—delicious plant-based recipes and cooking videos brought to you by our own Susan Biehn-Smith.

Susan is a retired pre- and post-natal nutrition educator. She is a mother of three adult children and Omee (grandma) to four grandchildren. She helped  establish the community gardens in Bracebridge, she loves to putter in the garden growing veg beside her pollinating plants. Susan enjoys playing with recipes, tweaking them to include local grown veggies and beans. She focuses on ease of preparation and superb taste. She encourages you to substitute ingredients using plant-based foods that you have on-hand.

Although her teaching is light and humorous, her message is seriously rooted in concern for the environment and the changing climate.

Let’s Share!

We encourage you to share your favourite plant-base recipes, and we’ll pass them along! Email your recipe to climateactionmuskoka@gmail.com. Is there a particular recipe you’d like to recommend? We also take requests!

Easy Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Episode 5, April 2021 — view printable PDF Easy Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Quick N Delish: Episode 5 — Easy Lentil Shepherd’s Pie. This plant-based main is a Biehn Smith family favourite. It has tender lentils in a rich gravy, topped with creamy mashed potatoes and baked until bubbly. It’s also very substitution-friendly. Frozen vegetables and whatever you have in your fridge work really well too!
Recipe PDF Easy Lentil Shepherd’s Pie. Video recorded April 2021.

Carrot Muffins

Episode 4, March 2021 — View printable PDF Carrot Muffin Recipe

Quick N Delish: Episode 4 — Carrot Muffins. This is Susan’s favourite carrot muffin recipe.This hearty carrot muffin is a terrific grab-and-go for all ages, including babies over eight months. It’s moist and nutritious and freezes well. For more protein, add 3/4 cup of chopped and toasted nuts. Made with Canadian carrots, applesauce, oil, flour, local eggs and craisins.
Recipe PDF Carrot Muffins. Video recorded March 2021.

Bean “Meat” Balls and Spaghetti

Episode 3, March 2021 — View printable PDF recipe here.

Quick N Delish: Episode 3 — Bean “Meat” Balls and Spaghetti. This is a delicious flavourful plant-based Bean “Meat” Ball recipe served with spaghetti. Recipe PDF – Bean “Meat” Balls and Spaghetti. Recorded March 2021.

Caribbean Chickpea Curry with Potatoes

Episode 2 , February 2021 — View printable PDF recipe here.

Quick N Delish: Episode 2 — Caribbean Chickpea Curry with Potatoes. Recipe PDF – Caribbean Chickpea Curry with Potatoes. Recorded February 2021.
“Made this and loved it” – Len

Vegetable Soup with a taste of Tuscany

Episode 1, January 2021 – View printable PDF recipe here.

Quick N Delish: Episode 1 — Host Susan Biehn Smith shows us how to prepare a delicious soup using fall or winter pantry vegetables. Susan shares her successful experiences growing vegetables as well as easy ways to preserve and capture summer flavours. Recipe PDF – Vegetable Soup with a Taste of Tuscany. Recorded January 2021