What Is Climate Action Muskoka

We are individuals concerned about climate change in Muskoka. We agree that climate change is the issue of our time, that we can and must take definitive action to face it, and that we are stronger if we work together. We are an inclusive, non-partisan group that is all about positive change.

We recognize that climate change is a global issue and that we must pressure all levels of government to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and invest in a clean, green, just economy.

We focus locally on education, community engagement to reduce emissions and collaboration with municipalities to build a more resilient community as Muskoka transitions to a post-carbon future.  We invite everyone in Muskoka concerned about climate change to get involved.

Election June 2, 2022 – Our position

Climate Action Muskoka is an inclusive and non-partisan organization that is neither affiliated with nor beholden to any political party or group. As such, we are free to call it as we see it. What we have seen from the provincial Conservatives under the leadership of Doug Ford over the last four years has been appalling. Since taking office in 2018, this provincial government has led Ontario in exactly the wrong direction with respect to climate.

The Ontario Conservatives have spent more than $3 billion to cut climate programs, are spending $3 billion more to expand Ontario’s reliance on fossil fuels, are destroying our carbon sinks, doubling down on urban sprawl, railroading opposition, and setting Ontario on a long-term track away from clean electricity generation.  

We go to the polls on Thursday, June 2. This is a crucial opportunity to elect a candidate and party that will turn away from this damaging course of action to a long-term plan for a just and livable future. Ontario must do better.


Climate Action Muskoka is an unregistered, volunteer-run organization. . We gratefully accept donations to help run our out-of-pocket operations, including this website, our eblasts and other communications.  See our donation policy – here.   Thank you!

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