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Local businesses and community groups are beginning to take up the 50% by 2030 Community Carbon Challenge, saying – “Count us in!” 
Many are already doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. “But what else can we do?” they ask.

1. Take up the Challenge to reduce your carbon footprint.
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2. Talk to the people who know your business best, your staff and your customers. You are likely to get some great ideas.

3. Climate Action Muskoka (CAM) is compiling a list of action items for you to consider and a list of resources to help make it happen. Stay tuned! We welcome your suggestions for our lists. Talk to a CAM member or Email:

Visit our “Spotlight on Local Business” page. – Featured business Tooketree Passive Homes”

Welcome Hidden Habitat Ecological Landscapes – the latest local Business to accept the challenge

A special welcome to Shannon Blanchard’s Grade 7/8 Class at Gravenhurst Public School. The first Community Group to accept the challenge.

Carbon Challenge for Muskoka Businesses

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How to Make Your Small Business More Sustainable‍

Local goods -We will do our best to source locally-produced goods to offer at our place of business. These may be locally grown and/or produced food items or locally created retail goods. 

Sustainably produced goods – We will choose ethically, sustainably and where possible, regeneratively-produced ingredients, consumables and retail items, including pre-loved and repurposed items. 

Zero Waste – We will identify our waste generation and work to first reduce, then reuse or repurpose when possible and finally recycle or compost. Old useable equipment can find a new life with a new owner.

Transportation – We commit to limiting our transportation to essential trips, and to looking for creative and innovative ways to lower the carbon emissions we create through transportation and shipping. 

Heating, water use and hydro – We will investigate and pursue options for lowering our energy and water use within our place of business, and where possible, we will begin to adopt green energy alternatives. 

Green Space – Where possible, we will create green spaces on company property to increase biodiversity, sequester carbon, filter the air and reduce the urban heat island effect. 

Climate-Conscious Construction – When renovating or building new, we will do our best to choose natural building materials that have a low carbon footprint in regards to their manufacturing and transportation.

Sharing the journey – We commit to sharing our journey toward reduced carbon emissions, to inspire other businesses and individuals to take on the challenge. 

Find more about the Individual Carbon Challenge here


Green Economy North is a membership-based sustainable business program of reThink Green and the Northern Ontario hub of Green Economy Canada.
We help businesses, not-for-profits, and the broader public sector reduce carbon emissions each year.
We offer affordable and tailored support to help you set and meet sustainability targets. Services include carbon measurement & reporting, energy auditing, and action planning.

The complete beginners guide to carbon footprinting for your small business | Green Small Business – We often get asked about carbon footprinting and we provide advice and support to enable small businesses (and some big ones too) to measure their carbon footprint. All of the questions we are commonly asked are covered in this guide.

Business Carbon Footprint and How to Calculate it ( – In this world brimming with competition, running a successful business is a hard task but what is even harder is running a one which is accountable for its carbon emissions. Climate change is a real phenomenon that will change the way businesses are run in the coming times. 

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint In Business | Why Franchise – Running a business is one thing, but running an ecologically friendly business while staying profitable takes things to the next level. It’s not easy, but even though current economic systems make being environmentally conscious difficult, business owners can be accountable for their carbon footprint. Many small businesses across the world are stepping up and doing their part to save the planet. 

7 Sustainable Business Ideas for Long-Term Success | Hive Life Magazine – Building a sustainable business could help you improve customer and employee loyalty and promote long-term growth. Here are 7 ways to start. Adopting ‘green’ business practices is quickly becoming an imperative for companies across the globe. Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, businesses that embrace sustainability can also improve customer and employee loyalty, … 

How to Make Your Small Business More Sustainable‍ – As a small business owner, you may think that your company has a minimal impact on the world around you. However, since you control your company’s direction and its business practices, this gives you plenty of power over the choices you make for your business and the products or services you offer.

Green Business Toolkit – Ottawa Green Business – Did you know that local businesses alone could cut an estimated 2,135,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, right here in town? (Ottawa) Want to know how to take action? We’ve broken it down for you in five simple categories, with tips and links to get you where you want to go.

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