Let’s Talk: Municipal Politics

Muskoka's Towns & Townships

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What are the municipal candidates’ ideas, opinions and positions around climate action? Climate Action Muskoka asked them. You can still link to their responses on the results pages above.

Thank you to every candidate who responded to Climate Action Muskoka’s questionnaire. Many responded with answers that were thoughtful and showed genuine concern for future generations.

Our community needs leadership by climate action informed and committed champions to ensure that every municipal decision over the next four years hastens the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs). It is vital that we reach our declared Climate Emergency goal of 50% by 2030 GHG reduction both quickly and in a just and equitable fashion.

District Council

You vote for your district council representatives in your Area Municipal election.

The 6 area mayors also sit on district council.
Nominations for the Office of the District Chair for the 2022-2026 term are Now OPEN.
Nominations close on November 15, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. More information
The District Chair will be elected by the newly formed Muskoka District Council at its Inaugural meeting, to be held Monday, December 5, 2022. — Our District Government