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As we all work together to help curb covid-19, action can be taken on many fronts by mail, e-mail, on-line petitions, posts on social media and by telephone or just talk to a friend.


Bank Switch – Pressure Canadian Banks to Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

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The big five Canadian banks are all in the top 25 biggest fossil fuel funders in the world: three of them are in the top 10! Since the Paris Agreement they have poured $481 billion into supporting the fossil fuel industry. 

Bank Switch, from Climate Pledge Collective, is a grassroots campaign to pressure the banks to clean up their act and stop funding the expansion of the fossil fuel industry. Find out how you can get involved on the Bank Switch webpage. Includes background research, tips, form letters for the big five (that you can adapt) and a petition.

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On Earth Day 2021(April 22, 2021), thousands of Canadians are pledging to move their money to a credit union or whichever one of the Big Five cleans up their act first by cutting investments in fossil fuels.

The Big Five Canadian banks are all in the top 25 biggest fossil fuel funders in the world — three of them are in the top 10. Since the Paris Agreement they have poured $481 BILLION into fossil fuels. The tar sands are completely reliant on Canadian banks. [Source: Toronto350.org]

Immediately dismantle the Pickering Nuclear Station after it closes in December 2024

The Pickering Nuclear Station will end electricity production in
December 2024 after 53 years of operation. Pickering is one of the
world’s oldest nuclear stations and is surrounded by more people, within
30 km, than any other nuclear plant in North America.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is proposing to defer the dismantling of the Pickering Nuclear Station for 30 years. OPG believes the dismantling will
take approximately ten years, meaning the community will have to wait until 2064 for an opportunity to revitalize this prime waterfront site.

learn more here — sign petition here


Lead Now’s ‘Cancel TMX’ Petition – Dec18, 2020

Picture of Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson that says "Minister Wilkinson: Cancel TMX".

Two game-changing new reports by the Liberal government’s own agencies have revealed that the Trans Mountain pipeline is inconsistent with the Liberals’ climate targets. Sign this Lead Now petition calling on Minister Wilkinson to cancel TMX as part of his new climate action plan. YOUR citizen VOICE is vital in making change happen on climate! Learn more and sign


Picture of pie charts comparing local economic return of shopping at independent businesses versus shopping at chains

Why shop local instead of online or at big box stores? Here are a couple of articles about why shopping local is  better for you, better Muskoka’s economy, and crucially, better for the environment. Why shop local? We got 6 fantastic reasons! —  Thriving Locally | What Happens When You Shop Local — Independent We Stand.

(And pssst: in addition to being far more economical, shopping at local second-hand stores is also better for the environment, and your finds are often of better quality. Muskoka’s got awesome vintage and second hand stores. 👏 )  

Read-em and weep department

Bill 229 has passed as amended and has received Royal Assent -Dec 8, 2020

Another Twist of the Knife for Conservation Authorities from the Ontario Government

For immediate release: December 4, 2020 – ontarionature.org

Ontario government’s proposed amendments to Bill 229, Schedule 6 are a shocking escalation of attacks on public safety, natural values and safe drinking water

Phone your MPP now. Ask them to remove Schedule 6 from the budget Bill to stop this dangerous attack on the future of our environment.


The Ontario government has just launched an all-out attack on Ontario’s protected forests and wetlands. Hidden in their latest budget Bill is a clause that will take away any control over the protection of our precious wetlands, forests, wildlife habitat and natural spaces from Conservation Authorities, and give huge new powers to developers to push through destructive projects.

Action Alert – We Need Our Conservation Authorities

On November 5, 2020, the Ontario government tabled omnibus budget measures Bill 229 in the Ontario Legislature, Schedule 6 of which proposes fundamental changes to the Conservation Authorities Act and to the conservation authorities’ role in land use planning.

CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association) recommends that Schedule 6 not be enacted in its present form and instead be withdrawn in its entirety from Bill 229.

Further, CELA recommends that the Ontario government immediately seek to ensure that the current mandate of the province’s 36 conservation authorities is maintained and enhanced, in order to effectively protect, restore and manage the watersheds where 95 percent of the people of Ontario reside.

Bill 229 is the most recent in a disturbing trend of using omnibus budget measures bills to make substantial changes to environmental laws, thereby sidestepping the public’s right to comment under the Environmental Bill of Rights.
CELA hosted a Webinar November 17, 2020 about the proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act contained in Bill 229 now available on You tube here.

Read‘The developers are all in control’: Doug Ford’s government moves to limit the power of conservation authorities, sparking fears for the environment– muskokaregion.com -the Toronto Star. ListenDoug Ford Environmental Impact Assessment with Dianne Saxe – Planet Haliburton Podcast. Write Norm Miller

Provincially Significant Wetlands no longer safe from development

The Government of Ontario is showing its true colours with recent moves to ride roughshod over protections for Provincially Significant Wetlands.

Please join Ontario Nature in urging the Government of Ontario to respect and uphold protections for Provincially Significant Wetlands and to stop its misuse of Minister’s Zoning Orders. Sign nowHere

Read — more about Minister’s Zoning Orders — MZO’s. – Here


Conservation Authorities Under Threat — Omnibus Bill- Nov 19, 2020

Picture of map of train corridor

Bill 229, introduced last week by the Ontario government, is the most recent in a disturbing trend of using omnibus budget measures bills to make substantial changes to environmental laws, thereby sidestepping the public’s right to comment under the Environmental Bill of Rights.

Bill 229 includes proposed changes to Conservation Authorities and their role in land use planning that  could set back an ecosystem-based approach by decades. Find an easy-to-use form to send an email asking our government representatives to retain the current mandate of the province’s 36 Conservation Authorities HERE. Groups such as the Canadian Environmental Law Association are calling on the government to withdraw Schedule 6 in its entirety from Bill 229. You can also write to Premier Doug Ford and Norm Miller MPP. Get more information from the Canadian Environmental Law Association.


Take a Stand Against Plastic-Nov 26, 2020

Aerial picture of gigantic garbage dump with tons of plastic waste and
Plastics are a fossil fuel product. We know that plastic is a threat to our climate. But instead of tapering off, plastic production is on the rise.

Did you know… Unfortunately, recycling doesn’t really help. There is growing evidence that recycling actually harms more than it helps. Learn more; Discovering the Toxicity of Plastics Recycling | Recycling: A Lie, a Big Lie, to Sell More Plastic We are all better off to take action to prevent plastic from being produced in the first place.

1. When you shop this week, ask for the store manager and (politely) request an alternative to in-store wrapping of goods in plastic. (Items like bread baked in-store, or produce which arrives in bulk and is repackaged in smaller quantities in plastic and on styrofoam trays.) Or you can get the manager’s name and send a letter to be forwarded to head office. Don’t forget to copy your letter to the local news media as an open letter to the editor. 

2. Sign this Environmental Defense petition urging the federal government to resist the plastic lobby, which is working hard to undermine the federal government’s efforts to ban some single-use plastics.

Minister Wilkinson, don’t let the plastics lobby stand in the way of ending Canada’s plastic problem.

We can’t let our environment be controlled by special interests. Canada needs to transition to a circular economy, where reduction, reuse, and repair are prioritized, and problematic single-use plastics are banned.  Send a letter


Call to Phase-Out Ontario’s Gas-Fired Power Plants – Nov 12, 2020

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Kitchener and Halton Hills Councils have called on the Ontario provincial government to phase out gas-fired power plants. Ask your Municipal Council to pass a similar resolution. You can download a draft resolution to send to your council here. You can sign as an individual – here. Read the Ontario Clean Air Alliance‘s report on how Ontario can phase out its gas-fuelled power plants here. | Find your Counsellors → Bracebridge | Georgian Bay | Gravenhurst | Huntsville | Lake of Bays | Muskoka Lakes | District of Muskoka