Donation Policy

Climate Action Muskoka is an unregistered organization. Although we are volunteer run, we do have operating expenses, including website hosting, communications and marketing. We gratefully accept donations from our supporters with the following exceptions. Climate Action Muskoka does not accept donations that:

  • encroach on CAM’s integrity
  • restrict CAM’s liberty of action
  • cause damage to CAM’s reputation
  • place additional cost or burden on the organisation
  • expose CAM to risk or potential liability
  • involve discriminatory practices against anyone based on gender, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation, citizenship, race or ethnicity, record of offenses, disability, income or family status.
  • are deemed unacceptable after review by CAM (3 or more people) at its discretion.

Federal, provincial and municipal government donations (i.e. through grants or with partner organizations) of over $5,000 must be reviewed by CAM (3 or more people).

  • If contributing $50 or less, please send an e-transfer to
  • You will receive an acknowledgement/thank-you email.
  • For in-kind or larger donations, please email to discuss.
  • Due to our registration status we are unable to issue charitable receipts.

Once a year a report will be included on our website showing expenditures and donations.

Contact to discuss public acknowledgement.