Climate in Graphics and Graphs

Watch the planet heating from 1880-2021 in 30 seconds! (NASA mp4)

Image of earth with play button

Effects of Smoke

Graphic showing survival rate compared to vehicle speed. From Vision Zero Network.

A screenshot from the trial testimony in the Montana chilrdren’s court case Held vs. Montana.  It explains pretty clearly why we musn’t be out in this smoke. Learn more about the case in Mother Jones.

This is fast becoming one of the most iconic images in the history of the climate fight—it shows the insanely anomalous rise in sea surface temperatures so far this spring.

Nine tipping points that could be triggered by climate change. 

 What Are Tipping Points? Explainer: 

10 key solutions needed to mitigate climate change. Source: IPCC, World Resources Institute.

From the IPCC and World Resources Institute.