Endorsements — Climate Emergency Declaration

The following individuals, groups and businesses have endorsed Climate Action Muskoka’s Declaration of Climate Emergency Resolution.


  • Susan Biehn Smith
  • Tricia Bilissis
  • Michael Bradley
  • Amanda Dale
  • Karen Davis
  • Allison Dawes
  • Kim deLagran
  • Laura Dursley
  • Rebecca Francis
  • Sarah Girdwood
  • Sara Hay
  • Neil Hutchinson
  • Linda Ann Jewell
  • Paul Kuebler
  • Laura LaFortune
  • Cailan Laine Punnewaert
  • Lori Langford
  • Jan Larsen
  • Gordon Laxer
  • Janet Libke
  • Arleigh Luckett
  • Seth Martin
  • Diana McConnell
  • Robin Mautner
  • Sue McKenzie
  • Ryan Murray
  • Debbie Punnewaert
  • Matt Richter
  • Katya Riley
  • Ken Riley
  • Len Ring
  • Christine Riviere-Anderson
  • Bet Smith
  • Blair H. Smith
  • Bronwyn Smith
  • Krystal Speck
  • E. Sandra Thompson
  • Tamsen Tillson
  • John Winstein
  • Steve Willey
  • Tom Young
  • Scott Young
  • Melinda Zytaruk
  • Rick Zytaruk

Groups and Businesses


Add Your Support

We invite individuals (including seasonal residents and cottagers), groups and businesses to read the Declaration of Climate Emergency Resolution and add your name or your organization or company’s name to the list.

Click the links below to answer a few questions confirming your endorsement or your group or company’s endorsement. Thank you!

Individual Endorsement

Group & Business Endorsement

Questions? Email us at climateactionmuskoka@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest and support.