A Safe and Just Space for Humanity

Photo Credit Leaving No One Behind

I will learn how to live within the means of a living planet.  
A safe and just space for humanity lies between an ecological ceiling which ensures humanity does not overshoot what our planet can handle and a social foundation that ensures no one is left behind. 
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Be a sharer, repairer, regenerator, a steward of natural habitat. Reduce waste, buy local, eat less meat, minimize travel, fly less, be climate and energy smart.

An Ecological Ceiling

“We don’t know how long we can keep breaching these key boundaries before combined pressures lead to irreversible change and harm.” Johan Rockström

We can and we must pull back from these planetary boundaries by switching to renewable energy sources, reducing pollution, recycling critical minerals, preserving biodiversity, adapting regenerative agriculture practices, shifting to a circular economy…  COP28: The Transformation Remains Unstoppable

A Social Foundation

If we look only at ecological limits, we risk leaving the most vulnerable behind. A just transition requires that we establish a social foundation below which no one falls. Leaving No One Behind.

Our goal must be to meet the needs of all humanity within the means of the living planet and to insure a safe and just space for future generations.  

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