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Climate Action for Lifelong Learners

CALL’s purpose is to bring Lifelong Learners together in the fight against
climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Wildlife Conservation Society Canada | WCS Canada

We stand for nature.

WCS Canada is independently registered and managed, while retaining a strong collaborative working relationship with sister WCS Global programs in more than 60 countries.

WCS Canada envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth.

WCS Canada saves wildlife and wild places in Canada through science, conservation action, and by inspiring people to value nature.

EcoJustice home page

From coast to coast to coast, we go to court and use the full force of the law to protect what we value most — the air we breathe, the water we drink, a safe climate.

Seniors for climate Action Now

We are seniors compelled to urgent action

Young people are calling on governments to act decisively on the climate emergency.  As seniors we will support their lead, amplify their voices and add our own to the growing movement for climate action.  We are building a seniors’ climate action group.  One that is democratic, accountable, equitable and participatory.  A community in which we value each other’s knowledge, experience and views.

Our seniors’ climate action group will inform, and mobilize seniors in an effort to prevent more climate catastrophes.  We recognize that climate action is also a demand for social justice and economic transformation – the opportunity, as well as the need, to address racism and economic inequities.  We know that Canada was founded on the occupation/invasion/colonization of Indigenous lands. We are in this for the sake of future generations and the survival of life on the planet.

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IMAGINE…  How Canada Post can be the hub of our Next Economy

“We face too many crises in this country to address them one at a time. What’s powerful about Delivering Community Power is how it takes on economic, environmental and social issues at the same time. Our post offices can become centres of community care and economic development, while bringing emissions down — this is the kind of leap we need in Canada.” — Naomi Klein

  1. Charging stations for electric vehicles at post offices
  2. A renewable energy postal fleet
  3. Postal banking that provides inclusive financial services, especially to those underserved by commercial banks, like in rural and many Indigenous communities
  4. Door-to-door mail carriers checking in on seniors and people with mobility issues, keeping more people in their own homes for longer
  5. Post offices as community hubs for digital access and social innovation, connecting communities and climate-friendly businesses to customers
  6. A consolidated last-mile delivery service that eases congestion in urban centres and reduces the environmental impact of our cities

Read the whole Delivering Community Power (2019) booklet: DOWNLOAD PDF

Community Climate Hubs 

connect • collaborate • create

There are over 1200 local climate initiatives in nearly 600 municipalities that are led by more than 30 national and international organizations. What if these local climate initiatives coordinated their efforts to maximize impact?  Through broad stakeholder engagement, Hubs build public support for political leadership on climate change.

Salt Spring Climate Action Plan 

Salt Spring Island, BC
Climate change is not something that will happen in the distant future. It is happening now. It is not about Polar Bears or people in distant places that we don’t know (although yes, it is about that too). Climate change is about us, and our community. How we are being affected by it now and in the coming years and the part that we can play in stopping it. 

The Salt Spring Island Climate Action Plan is the result of a consultation powered by :

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Vancouver Climate Emergency Action Plan

TO: Vancouver City Council
FROM: General Manager of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability and General Manager of Engineering Services
SUBJECT: Climate Emergency Action Plan
In January 2019, Vancouver Council declared a climate emergency in recognition of the urgent threat posed by climate change, and as a call to scale up Vancouver’s efforts to cut carbon pollution. In April 2019, Council approved the Climate Emergency Response, which established six new targets (referred to as “Big Moves”). The Climate Emergency Action Plan (this report) provides the road map to achieve the following four Big Move targets in ways that also bring financial, health and economic benefits to Vancouver.

The City of Nelson’s Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy 

The City of Nelson is committed to a sustainable future. For the City of Nelson, sustainability is about having a productive economy, a well protected environment, and healthy citizens with strong cultural connections. It is about living well today while preparing for the future.

Bridgewater Community Gardens Network (BCGN)

Hodge Podge Garden, Incredible Edible Bridgewater (IEB), Edible Trees Bridgewater (ETB), The Bees’ Needs Pollinator Garden (BNPG)
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

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