I will work to further reduce my Carbon Footprint.

“I will work to further reduce my Carbon Footprint.” Fact: Canadians have the highest per person carbon footprint.  – Source

At a personal level many of us have already reduced our carbon footprint, but we can always do more. Every bit counts! Check out the Community Carbon Challenge on the Climate Action Muskoka (CAM) website for ideas about what else you can do.

You’ll find simple reminders like take shorter showers and check your car tire pressure regularly.

You’ll also find information on active transportation, rewilding, the carbon footprint of food and food packaging, and more. And there are lots of links to other sources of information.

You can join the 102 families representing 242 individuals who have added their names to the growing list of community members who have taken up the Challenge. The important thing is to take action.

Also, keep the bigger picture in mind. It is important to keep pressure on politicians at every level. We need higher costs for polluters and incentives to promote low and zero-carbon-emitting solutions. We need a rapid Just Transition off fossil fuels.


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