Going On a Picnic…

I will pack eco-friendly picnics this summer. Fact: Virtually all of the plastic that has ever been made still exists today as it stays in the environment for up to 1,000 years.  source

Sharing food outdoors with friends is a great summer time activity but don’t let it be an excuse to use those disposable containers, plastic wrap, plates, cups and utensils that you have been trying so hard to get out of your kitchen.

Use reusable containers for your food and drinks. If you use a little care packing them, even glass jars can be used. Make your own ice packs. Take a blanket or table cloth you can throw in the wash when you get home. Take real utensils and sturdy serving plates and drinking cups that you can bring home to wash. If you don’t have any, a set of camping dishes is a good investment.

Really, how far are you actually going to carry it all?  And you will have no need to use one of those overflowing trash bins.

Think about a location close to home. Avoid that long car trip, maybe take bicycles.

Leave nothing behind.


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