Grow Your Own – Vegetables

“I will grow as much of my own food as I possibly can – a great way to save money, get fit and reduce my carbon footprint..”  Fact: The average meal travels 1,200 kilometres from the farm to plateSource

Growing your own food is a great way to save money, get fit, and reduce your carbon footprint-and you can grow your own vegetables without chemicals.  

The average meal travels 1,200 kilometres from the farm to plate. “Food that is locally grown from your farmer’s market or local grocer is a great way to minimize your environmental impact, but growing your own food takes it to the next level.”

Turn your yard or even the smallest of spaces such as a balcony or patio into a food garden!  If you are short on space, grow up instead of out.  People are crafting their own vertical gardens out of all kinds of materials.  

If you have no space, there is a growing movement to set up community gardens.  Check out what’s happening close to where you live.  If you have children, encourage them to join in too.

Find great gardening tips from the “Queen of Green” here

And “How to Get the Most from a Small Garden” here

Now is the time to dream, plan your garden, browse seed catalogues (most are available on-line) and order seeds. You may find the seed you need at a local store but if you order seeds on-line look for venders that use Canada Post and use sustainable packaging.

One of our favorites is Veseys in PEI who also offer a free downloadable growing guide Others include Stokes Seeds, OSC Seeds, William Dam Seeds, Richters herbs (herb specialists), Heritage Harvest Seed in Manitoba (Specializing in rare and endangered heirloom seed)… For trees try Hardy fruit trees in Quebec. Yes trees via Canada Post.

Enjoy browsing!  Note: If you buy non-hybrid, heirloom species, you can save the seeds from the best producers, dry them, and use them for the next growing season.

Update March 2022 – From our readers

Remember to check out local sources for seeds first.
Another great source for Heritage Seeds The Incredible Seed Company , Nova Scotia. Also check out their online library of great guides and tips.

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