Repair Everything

I will repair whenever possible rather than throw away and replace.  FACT:  2020 was the year in which the weight of “human-made mass”—all the stuff we’ve built and accumulated—exceeded the weight of biomass on the planet.   Source

 It prolongs the lifespan of an item and reduces the demand for new. It conserves resources and saves you money. It keeps items out of landfill.  It incentivizes quality production, decreases toxic mining, and creates jobs in independent repair shops.

With product supply chains extending half-way around the world or more, repair cuts carbon footprints by reducing the need for long distance shipping.

 With manufacturers doing everything they can to make it difficult or impossible to repair their products. A “Right to Repair” movement is beginning to build around the world. read more – here

When you repair you – learn about how things work, experience a sense of accomplishment, preserve heirloom and unique items.

But how do I repair stuff? You tube videos and the resources at i-fixit are just two of the great resources available.

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