Don’t Let Canada Burn

Thank you for registering for the webinar “Don’t Let Canada Burn: Communicating Climate Change in Wildfire Season.”Missed the event? Check out the recording and resources belowWatch the recording of the webinar featuring Re.Climate Senior Advisor Dr. Louise Comeau, Re.Climate Academic Director Dr. Chris Russill, Director of Resilience by Design Lab at Royal Roads University Dr. Robin Cox and Head of Strategy and Analytics of Potential Energy Coalition Sergio Velasquez-Rose as they discuss best practices for communicating wildfires and how to connect wildfire communication to climate change in Canada.
 Follow along with the webinar presentation deck.
 Take a look at Re.Climate’s Tip Sheet for Communicators: Wildfires and Un-Natural Disasters.”
 Read groundbreaking insights in the newly published paper by Re.Climate’s Dr. Chris Russill in collaboration with the Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy and Climate Action Against Disinformation, Flame Wars: Misinformation and Wildfire in Canadas Climate Conversation.
 Access Potential Energy Coalition’s cutting-edge guide, Unnatural Disasters: Connecting the dots when communicating about extreme weather and climate change.
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