Engage Muskoka Climate Action Film Fest

Nov. 29, 2023 — Tickets Now On Sale:

Engage Muskoka Climate Action Film Festival poster.

Tickets now on sale! We are thrilled to tell you about a new film festival, Engage Muskoka Climate Action Film Festival, taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023 at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville.

Come join the dialogue towards climate action solutions in our community. School show at 12:30 pm and community show at 7:00 pm. Learn more and pick up your tickets at the Algonquin Theatre website HERE.

Engage Muskoka Climate Action Film Fest Preview

We are excited to present a wide array of films that connect viewers to the many intersectional issues related to the climate crisis we face as a global community such as equity, climate racism, gender, mental health, poverty and food security. The spirit of this film fest is to unite together and bring voices to our collective concerns to inspire action and outcomes. Participants in this event will be given access to a digital program at the event with many links and calls to action to inspire next steps and learn about the many amazing initiatives already happening.

Specifically we will be sharing eight amazing films, with a short intermission and an
opportunity to win some wonderful door prizes from our sponsors:

  • Our first film will look closely at youth and the mental health impacts of the
    climate crisis on this generation as they fight for a livable planet.
  • Our second film focuses on gender and gives voice to those female leaders
    left absent from global climate negotiations and explores the actions
    necessary to drive a better future for all.
  • Our third film explores the concept of Biophilia, explaining how this important
    movement can work to fulfill our biological human desire to be surrounded by
    the natural elements.
  • Our fourth film infuses humour to the serious issues embedded in the auto
    industry, as our deadpan host entertains us by delving into the calculated
    steps that got us into our auto-reliance society.
  • Our fifth engaging film shares what would happen if we diverted the 60 billion
    pounds of mineral-rich food materials that go to landfills each year in the U.S.
    alone and turned them into compost.
  • Our sixth inspiring film follows the journey of a regenerative farmer in
    California, whose story is a testament to the transformative power of
    regenerative agriculture.
  • Our seventh humorous film exposes the serious problem of the fast fashion
    industry, one of our biggest contributors to landfill. The short documentary
    offers some solutions and ways forward to tackle this massive problem.
  • Our eighth and final beautiful film shares a glimpse of how large, and yet so
    small and interdependent our world is. We leave you with the message that
    there is power in RISING TOGETHER!

Join us on November 29th at Algonquin Theatre