Food and Farmland

I will advocate for land use policies that protect farmland
Fact: Ontario is losing 319 acres of farmland every day, according to Ontario Farmland Trust.

We know our most sustainable sources of food are those closest to home. In the past 35 years Ontario has lost 2.8 million acres (18%) of its farmland to non-agricultural land uses like urbanization and aggregate mining. To house our growing population, we need smart land use policy that doesn’t gobble up our farmland.

Bill 23 recently passed by the Ontario provincial government will remove 7,400 acres of protected farmland and natural habitat from our greenbelt. Resulting land speculation across the entire Greenbelt will take away the certainty farmers need to continue stewarding the forests, wetlands, and soils on their land.  

Both the proposed Hwy 413 and the Bradford Bypass will eat up more of our prime food-growing farmland. When we pave over farmland, we can never get it back.

Put your concerns in a letter to MPP Graydon Smith, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry. Then send a copy to local media.

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