Get Creative to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Holiday Season 

Picture of gifts wrapped in recyclable paper.

I will reduce my carbon footprint this holiday seasonFact: In its brief history of wrapping paper, the Atlantic reports that in Britain alone, people throw away enough wrapping paper over the holidays to stretch nine times around the world.

Hand-made gifts are a great alternative. They’re always special and unique. Your garden is a great resource — seeds, plants, a garden starter kit. Preserves and pickles made from your own or locally sourced produce are always appreciated.  

Or you could give artwork, a poem, a story, a song, a handmade craft or knitted sweater, baking. Keep in mind to reuse, repair, recycle and locally source materials. (Keep thinking creatively when it comes to wrapping that gift too.)  

If you are just not a do-it-yourself kind of person, there are plenty of environmentally thoughtful options for going with a pro. Check out the arts and crafts available from local artisans. In Muskoka we have lots to choose from. This three-minute video from Arts at the Albion shows off some local talent.

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