Heat pumps are the most efficient heating technology ever invented.

Make your next furnace/AC a heat pump

Heat pump intake

I will work towards electrifying everything.  Fact: Current heat pump models are 3‐5 times more energy efficient than gas furnaces. SourceInternational Energy Agency

Energy efficiency is a key part of the electrification journey. Replacing technologies or processes that use fossil fuels with more efficient electrically powered equivalents reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy to do the same job.  

Electric transport and heat pumps provide the greatest emissions reductions. Electric vehicles use about three times less energy than gas vehicles to get the same amount of movement.  

Heat pumps are even more efficient. They offer three, four to even five times more heat than a fossil fuel furnace using the same amount of energy. A heat pump also works in reverse to cool your living space on hot days.  

25% of global energy is used to heat buildings (62% in Canada). Heat pumps have played a key role in the reduction of carbon emissions in Scandinavian countries where the uptake of heat pumps has been greatest.


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