Let’s talk!

I will talk about climate change with family and friends.
“Talking about climate change requires honesty and connection. Every single person already has every reason they need to care about climate change.” Katharine Hayhoe

In her November 2018 TED Talk Katherine Hayhoe told us the most important thing you can do to fight climate change is talk about it.

Conversations about climate change can often become heated or just dead-end. Most people who are labelled as climate change deniers aren’t actually deniers at all  they are feeling isolated or just have questions. The key to having a real discussion is to connect over shared values, family, community, nature — and to prompt people to realize that they already care about a changing climate.

“I learned how much of people’s emotion around climate change is rooted in feeling isolated…A lot of the conversation about climate change places the power out there—but the power to make change happen is actually in our conversations, in our relationships, and in our towns. It’s in our hands, more than we believe.” –  Kate Schapira, Climate Anxiety Counseling Booth


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