—- Municipal Candidate Survey —- Brad Rundle

Gravenhurst — Councillor — Ward 4

1.     What actions have you personally taken to support a greener, more sustainable climate?

I am committed to walking or riding my bike, whenever my destination allows. I ride or walk to shops and
stores in Gravenhurst, and when visiting friends. I also carpool to work and/or jobsites on a regular basis.
My recreational acitivities include, biking, kayaking and hiking. I have also adjusted my diet to contain
lower levels of meat. I believe that my personal carbon footprint has been reduced dramatically over the
past several years on a personal level

2.     What opportunities for climate leadership at the municipal level (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)) would you champion in one or more of these areas: Buildings | Housing | Land use (sprawl) | Transportation | Other

The Green Municipal Fund or (GMF) is a 1.6 Billion dollar fund provided by the federal government and
administered by the FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities). The purpose of the program is to “help
local governments switch to sustainable practices faster.” The program provides funding, training and resources. I would champion investigation of this and/or similar programs and participation in a program that would further our cause towards climate action. I would also like to help staff investigate elements of
building codes that would support lowering our carbon foot print as a community, so that when reviewing
local building codes we could make helpful changes.

3.     A long-term problem requires a long-term solution. What is your 100-year plan? If elected, what would be your first action?

Unless we make changes aggressively and quickly, I don’t believe we have 100 years.

I would be happy to serve two or three terms if I am so fortunate as to be elected and re-elected. I would
champion infrastructure changes that support walking, bicycles, use of designated green spaces for expan
sion. I would also pursue the implementation of a transportation system in Gravenhurst which would hope
fully address the growing traffic problem. I would champion a building code and bylaw review to address
several issues including the need for green building.

Long term, I would like to see a pedestrian downtown with assistance from electric shuttles. If elected, my
first action, with regards to climate issues would be to initiate investigation of funding programs designed
to help communities lower emmisions.