—- Municipal Candidate Survey —- SUSAN MAZAN

Muskoka Lakes Township — Councillor — Ward B / Ward 2

1.     What actions have you personally taken to support a greener, more sustainable climate?

I have worked with council, staff and the public to ensure climate change adaptation and mitigation is part of TML plans, including our strategic plan, within our draft official plan, and ensuring staff is involved in creating a climate plan for the township.

One of the actions taken is that TML is a partner with neighbouring municipalities and the District in the development of a Climate Adaption Plan which is on schedule to be completed by the end of 2022. Following this, TML will begin the development of a mitigation plan which will include identifying current benchmark levels as it relates to GHG emissions. Once this is completed, implementation will begin and it should factor into all decisions council will make.

2.     What opportunities for climate leadership at the municipal level (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs)) would you champion in one or more of these areas: Buildings | Housing | Land use (sprawl) | Transportation | Other

As noted, TML is in the process of creating an adaption and mitigation plan which will include direction in most of the above. Of personal interest is the importance of safe, four season recreation opportunities which contributes to a healthy community. Implementation of our recently endorsed recreation plan, which includes active transportation should continue to be a priority,

3.     A long-term problem requires a long-term solution. What is your 100-year plan? If elected, what would be your first action?

My first actions will be to support the development of the climate mitigation plan, and to support implementation of a variety of foundational plans (asset management, fire , IT, transportation and recreation, community improvement plan) while ensuring a climate lens is incorporated in decision making.