Preserve Biodiversity – Nurture ‘Everyday Awe’

 I will learn more about biodiversity and how to preserve it. – Fact: Biodiversity is essential for the processes that support all life on Earth, including humans. Without a wide range of animals, plants and microorganisms, we cannot have healthy ecosystems. Source

Much of the Earth’s biodiversity is in jeopardy. Conservation efforts are necessary to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species and their habitats. More people now understand that we must combat the twin threats of climate change and the loss of biodiversity together. We must reach out to our local representatives and insist that every decision they make takes into consideration this combined threat to our future. 

Nurture everyday awe

Not only is biodiversity essential for life but also our well being. Being out in nature can trigger the positive impacts of awe. Research shows that awe increases tolerance, strengthens social bonds, and makes us more willing to share resources.

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