Slow down, reduce carbon pollution and save $$$

I will drive at or below 100 kph on highways. FactDriving at 100 km/h burns 20% less fuel than driving at 120 km/h. Source: Natural Resources Canada

You can drive a vehicle with an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and reduce carbon pollution and save money.

Based on 20,000 km/year burning 20% less fuel will reduce emissions by 920 kg CO2eq and save you $680/year.

Other techniques to cut emissions and save money include:

  • Accelerate gently – imagine an open cup of coffee on the dashboard. Don’t spill it!
  • Maintain a steady speed – on the highway use cruise control to maintain a steady speed.
  • Coast to decelerate – every time you use your brakes, you waste your forward momentum.
  • Avoid idling – turn off your engine when you’re stopped, especially while waiting at schools.
  • Check tire pressure – just one tire underinflated by 56 kPa (8 psi) will increase your fuel consumption by 4%.

Consider an electric vehicle for your next ride.

“The scientific consensus is that burning fossil fuels creates a thickening blanket of heat-trapping pollution. It’s real, it’s human-caused and it’s affecting us today.” —  Louise Comeau


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