Talk To Your Kids About the Climate Crisis

I will talk to my kids about the Climate Crisis, and I will take action.  FACT: Around the world, young people report increased levels of eco-anxiety and despair. –  Youth Environment Assembly

Gargi and a classmate take care of a plant.
Gargi Bhavsar and a classmate take care of a plant. (Courtesy of Gargi Bhavsar)

Children know climate change is happening and are concerned about the future of the planet. Parents and educators need to step up to facilitate the necessary conversations. Climate change education focused on solutions is essential to bringing hope to students.

Children need the truth about climate change, and it’s causes. They need to know they can take action. They need to see that the adults in their lives are advocating for the urgent action necessary to mitigate and to adapt to the coming changes.

“The only way to tackle the climate crisis and its effects on our mental health is through education.”— Gargi Bhavsar, 13-year-old Indian student

Time is running out to make the changes we need. According to the IPCC, Children aged ten or younger in 2020 will experience a four-fold increase in extreme events, even if we can hold global heating to just 1.5°C. A person aged 55 as of 2020 will not feel the full effect of the changes in their remaining lifetime under any warming scenario. Source: IPCC Sixth Assessment Report FAQ page

“Of course, we need hope but the one thing we need more than hope is action, because once we start to act hope is everywhere”. — Greta Thunberg

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