Repair Your Broken Stuff

I will, repair my broken stuff.  Fact96% of independent repair shops surveyed turn customers away because of manufacturers’ repair restrictions. Access to parts, tools, and repair information should be fair and affordable.
Source: Repair is freedom – iFixit

Porché Brinker plays violin in the Oscar-nominated “The Last Repair Shop”, which tells the story of technicians who repair public school musical instruments in Los Angeles and the kids who play them.

“Repair Everything” first appeared in our January 7, 2021 newsletter and we have returned to the issue several times. See the links below. We should have the right to repair things we buy, whether that means taking it to a repair shop or fixing it ourselves. The Right to Repair movement is a broad international effort to secure our repair options and to prevent repair limitations. 

Right to Repair laws have three main goals:
 – allowing us the right to open our stuff
 – increasing the availability of the parts and tools needed for repair
 – keeping independent repair shops in business 

Canada needs right to repair legislation. It will keep stuff out of landfills, reduce the need for new raw materials, save consumers money, and create jobs. Fixing something that’s broken gives a sense of accomplishment; refurbishing something you love feels good. 

A Feel-Good Movie

Watch The Last Repair Shop, now streaming for free on YouTube. Nominated for Best Documentary Short 2024 Academy Awards.  40 minutes


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