“Silent Spring“ –  2022

I will act to maintain and restore biodiversity.  Nearly 3 Billion Birds Gone. Study finds steep, long-term losses across virtually all groups of birds in the U.S. and Canada.  Source

Rachel Carson

In 1962, Racheal Carson’s book “Silent Spring” was a passionate plea for all humans to act responsibly as stewards of the living earth, advancing the global environmental movement.

At the time, one of the biggest threats to bird populations, besides habitat loss, was the widespread use of DDT to control insects. Fast forward 60 years, in 2022 the widespread use of neonicotinoids to control insects has become a serious threat to bird populations and to the insects that pollinate our food crops.

Carson identified human hubris and financial self-interest as the problem.  Her passionate concern for the future called on us to live as though we humans are an integral part of the earth’s systems.

Today, Global bird populations steadily decline:

A recent update to the study Nearly 3 Billion Birds Gone states: “The fate of bird populations is strongly dependent on stopping the loss and degradation of habitats.” Further, the study identifies climate change as an emerging driver of bird population decline.

In Ontario, we need to conserve habitat and reduce climate changing carbon emissions. We do not need more highways and urban sprawl.

What can you do in your own backyard?  Here’s a link to a previous carbon challenge – Carbon Drawdown – Rewilding – Climate Action Muskoka

And from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds


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