Green Houses — Resources

December 2020 — We recorded episode 8 of Climate Action Muskoka’s Muskoka Drawdown—Green Houses just before Christmas.

Green Houses — Intro

What climate action enthusiast doesn’t fantasize about designing, building and living in an energy efficient, environmentally friendly house? In this episode we speak with Paul Ecclestone and Scott Young, two Muskoka residents who tell us about their innovative homes (each of which is a “mosaic of separate solutions”, built approximately 15 years ago); what they did, what they thought about doing but didn’t, what has worked out and what hasn’t. We’ll also get some tips, for those of you thinking of taking the plunge.

Air Date

The episode aired on Hunters Bay Radio, Saturday December 26, 2021 at 7:30am. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, Paul and Scott! #greenhouses#strawbale#climateactionmuskoka#climatesolutions 

Here’s the link to Hunters Bay Radio →


In case you missed it live, listen to the Green Houses Podcast (opens in a new browser tab.)

More Resources

Interested in learning more? Scott Young shared this in a follow-up email.

Evolve Builders Group is an Ontario based green builder. Evolve was best I was able to find when we built our straw bale home in 2006, and I believe they are still the best in Ontario, probably the best in Canada.

Straw Bale Building, How to plan, design & build with straw by Chris Magwood & Peter Mack. This book was essential reading back in 2000 when I started seriously thinking about building an alternative home.

BUCKY WORKS: BUCKMINSTER FULLER’S IDEAS FOR TODAY by J. Baldwin. To live differently we must think differently, and reading anything by or about Buckminster Fuller changed my thinking, opening a world of possibilities.