Growing Your Own Food

I will grow more of my own food this growing season. 
The many benefits of growing your own food include eating fresh produce, supporting local wildlife, exercise, and saving money.  12 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food 

It’s time to plan for the 2024 growing season.

Browsing through the many seed catalogues available is a great way to get inspiration. Many are available online; you don’t need to order a paper copy. Seeds can be delivered to your door by Canada Post (see lists in the links below).  Seeds are also available in many local stores. 

If you have never tried to grow your own food, this may be the year to give it a try, even if it’s just a few herbs in a window box. If you have access to a larger space, talk to locals about what grows well in your area and when to plant. 

Don’t spring into garden clean up too soon though. 

Butterflies, bees, pollinators, and other beneficial insects overwinter in the dead leaves and hollowed out stems of last year’s plants, and it is important not to disturb them until temperatures are consistently above 10°C. Insects are a vital part of a balanced ecosystem and seed heads can serve as a valuable early food source for birds.


Where can I get seed:

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